The Supporting Act

by WeTransfer

Inspiring a new creative generation

We believe creativity is a force for good. But belief without action isn’t enough to help aspiring creatives thrive. That's why we're launching WeTransfer's Supporting Act Foundation.

Our mission is to inspire and enable young creatives to fulfill their potential. For artists such as musicians, filmmakers, photographers and designers, the foundation will provide funding for study, both at home and abroad.

Jean Jullien

Why us, why now?

We’ve always actively supported the arts at WeTransfer. As WeTransfer has grown to become a B Corporation, our ambitions have too. We want to find new ways to be there for up-and-coming creative talent. It’s about handing over a legacy we can all be proud of.

The pandemic has devastated arts patronage and sponsorship. It’s closed down countless opportunities, especially for those starting out without connections or from underrepresented backgrounds. WeTransfer's Supporting Act Foundation will help these creators when it matters most.

Grants, awards, commissions, more

WeTransfer will endow the foundation with an initial €1M and thereafter commit 1% of future annual revenues. As well as funding education, the foundation will offer grants for talented artists and creators at the start of their careers.

And then there’s the Award for Creative Excellence. Every year, WeTransfer's Supporting Act Foundation will set a challenge to institutions and individuals working across the arts. Creators will be given a brief to make a film, performance, animation, or other, and our team of panelists will judge the resulting work. Further details about the competition and the details of the prize will be announced at a later date.

A brilliant backing band

Our Board of Directors include Damian Bradfield (Chairman), Gilles Peterson (Board Member), Beatrix Ruf (Board Member), Tala Madani (Board Member), and Peggy de Jonge (Secretary).

Some extraordinary ambassadors are ready to help us, including Stephen Fry, Lily Cole, Ann Philbin, FKA Twigs and Troy Carter. It’s a list that speaks for itself. (And now us).

WeTransfer's Supporting Act is an independent charity located in the Netherlands. Starting out it will operate across the Netherlands, Italy, France, Spain, Germany and the UK as well as across the US, but we see huge potential to expand our reach and support across the globe.

Stay connected

We'll be sharing more news as we firm things up this year. If you have questions, email us and be on the lookout for more news from WeTransfer's Supporting Act Foundation coming soon.

Please note: The Foundation is not accepting applications at this time.

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